What are Catalog Inventories?

Catalog inventories are lists of information stored in the BrickLink catalog which show what items, along with their respective quantities and colors, are included in other items. Examples include what parts are included in a set or minifigure, what sets are included in a combo pack or magazine, and what books are included in a series.

Note: Catalog inventories should not be confused with store inventories which are lists of items that sellers have for sale in their respective stores.

Why are catalog inventories useful?
  • Catalog inventories assist sellers who buy new sets with the sole purpose of selling all of the parts in the set separately - a process known as "parting out a set". Once a set has been inventoried in the BrickLink catalog, a seller can go to the Part out a Set into My Inventory page, enter the set number, select the quantity of sets along with other settings and the system returns an editable list of parts and minifigs in that set ready to be uploaded into the seller's inventory. The capability of having minifig inventories allows the seller to choose whether they want to list the set with whole minifigs or parts which make up those minifigs.

  • Inventories make it easier to find parts in the catalog by locating the item which contains the part you are looking for.

  • Inventories also strengthen the completeness of the catalog - when inventorying a set or a minifig, you may come across a part which is not yet in the catalog in which case you may add it to the catalog on the Add Item to Catalog page.