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View Thread Note on 160ac* and 737ac* parts? - normann1974 (262)
Could a note be written on the 160ac* parts, specifically (Part 160ac01) (Part 160ac02) (Part 737ac01) (Part 737ac02) , that although it's tempting to use the amount of magnet [...]
(11 days ago, Jun 13, 2019, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Correction sheet for set 8420 still pending - normann1974 (262)
About two weeks ago, I added a correction sheet instructions image for set 8420. That change is still pending. Are you waiting for me to do something? /Jan
(3 months ago, Mar 12, 2019, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Two versions of 50373pb01 - normann1974 (262)
Working with sets (Set 8144-1) and (Set 8654-1), I have noticed that there are at least two versions of the Ferrari logo stickers to be put on part (Part 50373pb01) Stickers [...]
(5 months ago, Jan 31, 2019, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Overview sheet for set 7237 - normann1974 (262)
Hi Yesterday, I uploaded a scan of an overview sheet that come with 7237 sets. This was accepted. Should the number of instruction booklets be changed to 8, or could a note [...]
(7 months ago, Dec 7, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Wrong image color - normann1974 (262)
Some time ago, I added a picture for part (Part 2214), medium orange. It's hard to tell the exact color on the image, but I've now found out that the part I took a photo [...]
(7 months ago, Nov 30, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Note for 4515pb034L/4515pb034R - normann1974 (262)
The note on parts (Part 4515pb034L) and (Part 4515pb034R) state that "This slope and the slope for the opposite side have been shown on either side of the craft depending on [...]
(8 months ago, Nov 6, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Two versions of instructions for 7671, note? - normann1974 (262)
Hi Could a note be made on set 7671? At least two versions of the instructions exist - one on lego.com and one on brickinstructions.com, and the latter (shown in the left [...]
(8 months ago, Oct 28, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Stud notes for two minifigs - normann1974 (262)
Please add notes that the two minifigs sw260 and sw259 (URL) (URL) come both with "blocked open stud" and "stud recessed" heads. Source: MISB-based set that were never mixed [...]
(9 months ago, Oct 7, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Add note or split parts? - normann1974 (262)
I have found two versions of (Part 7049b) The inside wheel holders can be either black or red, both for the black and white version of this brick: Could a note be added, or should [...]
(9 months ago, Sep 23, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Weight of 3801-1 - normann1974 (262)
I own (Set 3801-1) in a Nordic (Danish/Swedish/Norwegian) version. The instructions weigh 87 grams for this set (plus a 3 gram piece of paper showing instructions [...]
(10 months ago, Sep 10, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Please rename and add notes to flags - normann1974 (262)
Please rename the following flags and add notes so they correspond to this American flag: (Part 3596pb04) The flags come in sets with two stickers for each flag, and it's [...]
(10 months ago, Sep 1, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Split of part 3009pb124 into two? - normann1974 (262)
I notice that the image for part (Part 3009pb124) shows that the sticker is placed in the center of the brick. I don't agree that this is right. The instructions show on [...]
(11 months ago, Aug 1, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Notes for four figures - normann1974 (262)
Hi Please add notes for these four minifigs cty252 cty254 cty255 cty256 that they also come with 'c' (stud recessed) style heads, just like it does for e.g. [...]
(11 months ago, Jul 29, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Rename part bb217? - normann1974 (262)
Please consider renaming part (Part bb217) and changing its note. I just pulled a spring from a forklift, and it has 49 turns, which does not fit with neither the title nor [...]
(11 months ago, Jul 28, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Remove picture from 973ps6 - normann1974 (262)
Could someone please remove/update the small picture for (Part 973ps6)? It's wrong (missing the brown part).
(12 months ago, Jul 13, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Possible deletion of 3008pb077 - normann1974 (262)
Hello I recently added part (Part crssprt01pb67) to the catalog because it was missing. Now I see that part (Part 3008pb077) exists in the catalog. I am convinced that this [...]
(12 months ago, Jul 8, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Please delete part 3002pb28 - normann1974 (262)
Part 3002pb28 has the wrong stickers applied, so this part should not exist. Please mark it for deletion. Discussion and request to delete it from the current set inventory is [...]
(15 months ago, Mar 25, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Inconsistency for minifigure twn052 - normann1974 (262)
Hello Could someone please look into the twn052 minifigure included in (Set 3222-1)? Minifigure link: (URL) The inventory says that the head is (Part 3626bpb0122) with brown [...]
(15 months ago, Mar 17, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Door 1x3x4 - three versions - normann1974 (262)
Hello everyone I'm very confused about the "Door 1x3x4" parts. According to BL, they exist in two variants: the old 445/446 "closed" style and newer 58380/58381 "open" style. [...]
(16 months ago, Feb 17, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Correct name for part 970c00pb078 - normann1974 (262)
The name of this part (Part 970c00pb078) says that it contains (red and blue) triangles. There are no triangles on this pattern, only rhombuses (a quadrilateral). [...]
(16 months ago, Feb 16, 2018, to Catalog Requests)

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