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View Thread Re: wildly differing shipping rates - TheBrickGuys (8855)
[...] I to use these all the time. They hold A LOT OF LEGO! I dont know why other stores do not offer them. The good thing is that when set to use with instant check out based [...]
(7 days ago, Oct 8, 2019, to Shipping)
View Thread Re: Any way to prove a SW0056 is not fake? - TheBrickGuys (8855)
[...] Do you happen to know if other parts in this color are brittle or is it just the parts on the fig? Jim
(23 days ago, Sep 22, 2019, to Catalog Identification)
View Thread Re: Seller sold non-existant parts - TheBrickGuys (8855)
[...] I think asking for a full refund plus postage is completely reasonable. The good thing is that he offered a refund but hopefully he wont turn negative when you ask for [...]
(1 month ago, Sep 10, 2019, to Problem Order)
View Thread Re: Set which "dosen't exist" - TheBrickGuys (8855)
If you still have access to the set, if I were you, I would immediately see if you can get the set - all of them if they have several. I would think that the resale value would [...]
(1 month ago, Sep 7, 2019, to New Sets)
View Thread Re: "Accidentially" won an auction. - TheBrickGuys (8855)
You lucky bastardo. What a great haul!!! One of the best Lego auctions I won was about 3 months ago and it was for a 10 pound lot. In it there was a black bag filled with a [...]
(1 month ago, Sep 6, 2019, to General)
View Thread Re: Fear of selling white - TheBrickGuys (8855)
[...] We have had a bit over 12,000 orders in our store since opening and we have had zero complaints of any color variations of any of our stock in all colors that we have [...]
(1 month ago, Sep 4, 2019, to Selling)
View Thread Re: Unpopular colours - TheBrickGuys (8855)
[...] I love the simple design of the snow covered trees and snow patches. As usual, another cool MOC. Jim
(1 month ago, Sep 1, 2019, to General)
View Thread Re: Is Bricklink in decline ? - TheBrickGuys (8855)
[...] One thing I noticed about your store is that your prices on average are above the 6 months sales average and in our I know in our store when we have our prices at the [...]
(1 month ago, Sep 1, 2019, to Problem)
View Thread Re: Cardboard sleeves in inventories - TheBrickGuys (8855)
[...] +1 I think this is a long time coming and a darn good add to the catalog. I hate having to open the cardboard packages to know what is inside them. Thank you for adding [...]
(2 months ago, Aug 23, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread Re: How much does your pet mean to you? - TheBrickGuys (8855)
A little late but here is my dog Skragle. I wanted to give him a name that would be based on something Lego related so I took kragle, from The Lego Movie and just added an S [...]
(2 months ago, Aug 23, 2019, to Suggestions)
View Thread Re: Let fight - TheBrickGuys (8855)
nit picky, NIT PICKY!!!! How dare you sir. What evil contra versy are you now trying to invoke, I ask? If I were in your presents I would have to slap you in the face with my [...]
(2 months ago, Aug 19, 2019, to Off Topic)
View Thread Re: No one is born hating - TheBrickGuys (8855)
I just read your "Me" page after you commented that you are, shall we just say, advanced in years. The very first line about being born in a cabin intrigued me but as I was reading [...]
(2 months ago, Aug 16, 2019, to Off Topic)
View Thread Re: Guess the highest selling minifig in 2019 - TheBrickGuys (8855)
[...] The first two don't surprise me because people are buying large qty's at very low prices but the 3rd one, sw0905 (I hate needing the extra 0), surprises [...]
(2 months ago, Aug 12, 2019, to Selling)
View Thread Added several thousands of parts. - TheBrickGuys (8855)
We have added 10's of thousands of parts to our inventory over the past 2 weeks and have put all of our parts on sale at 18% off except for bricks, tiles, and plates (which [...]
(2 months ago, Aug 9, 2019, to Sales)
View Thread Re: 21318 Treehouse Instruction BOOK - TheBrickGuys (8855)
[...] I agree with all 3 points you made. I recently bought the treehouse and I would hate to have to look at a pdf to build it and for me, unplugging, is an important part [...]
(2 months ago, Aug 6, 2019, to New Sets)
View Thread Re: Extremely long ship time (almost 30 days) - TheBrickGuys (8855)
[...] FIMS?? What does Foot In Mouth Disease have to do with anything? :]
(3 months ago, Jul 18, 2019, to Problem Order)
View Thread Re: Brickstock doesn't convert prices right - TheBrickGuys (8855)
Going along with what Pippyblocks said, all you have to do is leave the items at the US 6 month sales average then select all the items you are working with and go to Edit menu [...]
(3 months ago, Jul 16, 2019, to Help)
View Thread Re: All this extra plastic send - TheBrickGuys (8855)
I [...] WOW, a rather arrogant reply, dont you think? Now I to will probably be stop listed - at least I hope so.
(3 months ago, Jul 12, 2019, to General)
View Thread Re: Sugi figure - LOL - Most Excellent!!! - TheBrickGuys (8855)
[...] DANG! Someone must have snatched that baby up, I dont see it listed. Bummer, another one got away (:| (:|
(3 months ago, Jul 6, 2019, to Searching)
View Thread Re: Many 500 errors today :( - TheBrickGuys (8855)
[...] I always have the issues you mentioned but only when I use chrome. Are you having the issues when using other browsers? Jim
(3 months ago, Jul 4, 2019, to General)

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