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 Author: Nofunguy View Messages Posted By Nofunguy
 Posted: Jul 12, 2016 20:26
 Subject: Re: What am I doing wrong?
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 Topic: Selling
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In Selling, renhoffman writes:
  Maybe it is just me but when I am shopping for pats and a store has where I have
to buy 20 of 1 part and maybe only need 1 or 2 I am going to move on to another
store. I realize some have lots of parts and do it this way, but to me it is
like I am being forced to buy more of a piece that I made not need

I totally understand that, and I realize that I may have lost some orders in
the past due to that. I have adjusted many of those 20x restrictions recently,
so to say that is why my orders are down is wrong. If anything, my orders should
be up, based on that. Before June of this year, most of my lots below $.50 each
where x20, but now most of my lots below $.15 are x20, and most lots above $.15
should be x2 or less. So, while I might still lose some orders due to requiring
low value parts be purchased 20 at a time, I still don't see why my store
has a sudden 75% drop.


I'm sure you have your reasons for limiting your orders to x20. People who
look for smaller quantities of items do go to other sellers who accommodate their
wishes. I don't think you are losing that much business to other smaller
stores who make good money in that type of business. Whatever you do, don't
get desperate and reduce your prices. That hurts everyone. A lot of new stores
are doing that. You can even get pieces for $0.00 USD from foreign stores.
 Author: Nofunguy View Messages Posted By Nofunguy
 Posted: Jul 6, 2016 20:55
 Subject: Re: What percentage of buyers leave feedback?
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 Topic: Feedback
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In Feedback, estaswick writes:
  I've had 28 feedback off of 67 orders and that includes 4 or 5 as a buyer.
Seems low to me but perhaps that's par for the course?

I've had 1080 orders and received feedback on 689 about 63%. All positive
and one neutral. I figured the people who did not leave feedback did not think
it was important or there was something wrong and did not want to comment. In
this day and age of "everything is awesome" I look for criticism to become a
better seller.