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View Thread Over 4 million (!) standard parts 20-70% SALE - greenman (19615)1 Rpl
Check it out! All Bricks, Plates, Slopes and everything else you need to fulfill your daily LEGO addict: at least 20% off, also the many bulk packages we offer. On the start [...]
(32 months ago, Apr 6, 2017, to Announce)
View Thread Start Blow-out SALE with over 550.000 parts ! - greenman (19615)1 Rpl
This is a message for Sellers I guess... While making our Warehouse Inventory more then a half-million parts popped up that should go FAST. So, go check it out, it´s all in [...]
(34 months ago, Jan 25, 2017, to Selling)
View Thread Inventory Change Request for Set 60010-1 - greenman (19615)7 Rpl
Please make changes to the following inventory: (Set 60010-1) * Delete 1 Part 3029 Black Plate 4 x 12 Comments from Submitter: This 4x12 black Plate does NOT exist in this set. [...]
(67 months ago, May 15, 2014, to Inventories Requests)