Privacy Policy

BrickLink respects the privacy of our members. BrickLink does not send you unsolicited e-mail or sell your e-mail address to 3rd parties and will never give out your address, e-mail address, and/or phone number to anyone except to those registered BrickLink members with whom you do business. Your personal information including any or all of your data can be however provided to verified law enforcement who are investigating an illegal activity or a crime.

BrickLink stores cookies on your computer which contain your login info as well as counters and identifiers to deliver content specific to you. Users who do not allow cookies will not be able to login to the site and therefore will not have access to any area that a registered member or registered seller has access to.

Name, Address and E-Mail Address:

    Your name, address, e-mail address, and phone number (if provided) is e-mailed to both the buyer and seller when an order is submitted. After the order is submitted, both the buyer and seller may view each other's name, address and e-mail address by going into Orders Placed or Orders Received. Our system checks if you have done business with a member before revealing you their address. The address and e-mail address is viewable online by the buyer and seller until the order is purged from the system (180 days from the order date)

    Posting other member's address, e-mail address or phone number in the Discussion Forum is prohibited and results in the post being Cancelled by a Discussion Forum Moderator when spotted.

    Feedback you received from your buyer or seller containing your personally identifying information such as your name or e-mail address is a valid reason for removal of the feedback on the Feedback Removal Request page.

    If another member has posted your personally identifying information such as your address or e-mail address on their Splash Page or About Me Page, you can report that member on the Problem with Member page.

IP Address and Last Login Date:

    BrickLink keeps track of your IP address which is recorded upon each login. The buyer's IP address is provided to the seller on the Order Notification E-Mail that is sent to the buyer and the seller at the time an order is placed to help the seller determine if a buyer has 2 or more profiles on the system. Buyer and seller can view each other's last login date and time on the Orders Placed or Orders Received page to help determine if there is a problem in communication.

E-Mail Opt-In / Opt-Out:

    Members must opt-in or perform certain activity to receive e-mails from BrickLink which varies depending on what activity was performed. For more information, see List of BrickLink E-Mails which includes a short explanation of each e-mail and when and to whom it is sent.

    Members can opt-out of receiving all e-mails from BrickLink on the Unregister from BrickLink page.

    Contact Form:

      If you have selected to allow contact upon registration, any registered BrickLink member can contact you using our Contact Form where your e-mail address is not revealed to the sender. Be advised that you can receive unsolicited e-mail from other members sent via our e-mail server if you choose this option. You have an option to turn off this feature if you do not want to be contacted by visiting My Contact Settings.

      Sellers can be contacted regardless of preference through a contact link in the seller's store only. A member can be contacted regardless of preference by their trading partner regarding an order that has not yet been purged from the system (180 days from the order date)

    Coupon Notification:

      If you have selected to be notified by e-mail when a seller issues you a coupon, you may receive unsolicited coupons from BrickLink sellers. You have an option to turn off this notification by visiting My Contact Settings.

    Store Mailing List:

      Members can opt-in in each individual store to receive announcements from that seller regarding their store and items for sale in their My Favorite Stores page. The seller has an option to send an announcement to all members who are opted-in to receive announcements from that store by using the Contact Mailing List Form. Opt-out of each store's mailing list to which you opted-in on the same page or through a link on the bottom of each mailing list e-mail.

Data Feed to 3rd Party Applications:

  • - Sellers can opt-in and opt-out in their My Store Settings page to allow to periodically download their store inventory through a special download created for which includes all data that can be downloaded on the Download My Inventory page. This data is used in the Peeron Associated Stores program.

  • Offline Inventory Management Software (view list) - Members opt-in by downloading the software and installing it on their computer. The software might download your store inventory data available on the Download My Inventory page and order data available on the Download My Orders page after you give the program your permission to download the data.

Favorite Theme:

    Each member has an option to select their favorite theme from a list of themes upon registration and can later change it in My Personal Information in MyBrickLink. The favorite theme is used only to show which themes are most popular on the Favorite Themes page. It is not used for marketing purposes or to display content based on the favorite theme.


    Contact the Help Desk if you have any questions about this privacy policy.