Price Guide

When an item is sold, the price of this item is recorded. The next time a seller adds that same item into his or her inventory, BrickLink will try to help them to determine the price for that item by offering the following information as a guide:
  • Number of times this item has been sold
  • Lowest price it was sold for
  • Average price it was sold for (average of price)
  • Average price by qty it was sold for (sum of (price * qty) for each item / sum of total qty)
  • Highest price it was sold for
The price guide is divided into 2 parts:
  • Past 6 Months Sales - Live data from orders. Does not include cancelled orders.
  • Current Items for Sale - Live data from current items for sale.
The seller can also select to view:
  • Whole Price Guide - Data from everyone's items for sale and orders received.
  • My Price Guide - Data from only the seller's items for sale and orders received.
Only items listed from the reference catalog are tracked. For each item in the catalog, price guide information is recorded. For Parts and Gear, prices for each color of the Part or Gear are recorded.
Where is the Price Guide:
  • Sell Item Screen - Step #2 after selecting the item type, item number and color (for Parts and Gear). In Internet Explorer, you can view the price guide right on the same page through a IFRAME feature. In Netscape or FireFox you need to click on a link which will pop up a small window with the information.

  • My Inventory Detail Screen - you can view a price guide summary for each one of your items that you selected from the reference catalog by clicking on the "Price" link next to each item. Items which are not selected from the reference catalog are not tracked and instead of a link to the price guide, only "Price" heading is shown. You can also view the price guide information below each item on the same page by clicking on the "Show More Options" link and then click on the links below to view "Whole Price Guide" or "My Price Guide" below each item.

  • Catalog Item Detail Pages - You can view price guide info by clicking on the colors (Parts & Gear) in column "Price Guide Info" or on the "View Price Guide" link in the last column of the catalog detail page.

  • Part Set Screen - You can prefill your prices from the price guide when parting out a set and select from several price guide options. Click on the "Price" link by each item to view the price guide for that item only on step 2 of the Part Set process.