Guidelines: Item Weights and Dimensions (proposed)

Item weights and dimensions are contributed by BrickLink members. To contribute missing weights or dimensions for items complete the Change Item form.

Item Weights:
BrickLink stores weight for items in the reference catalog for specified item types. Sellers also have an option to enter their own custom weight for their items for sale. If both catalog weight and custom weight are present on an item for sale or item ordered, then the custom weight is used.

All item types can have weight in the catalog and weights are entered in grams. Weights should reflect unopened items which include the original box or packaging. Weights for parts should reflect the weight of a single part.

Additional Information About Weights:

  • Custom Weight - Sellers can enable the custom weight entry field in their Store Settings page to be able to enter weight on any item for sale in their inventory, including items without catalog entries. Catalog weight is displayed below the weight entry field on the seller's inventory detail page. Sellers can view items in their inventory missing catalog or custom weights by clicking the Show More Options link under the Search My Inventory section on the right side of the My Inventory page.
  • Weight in Shopping Cart - Buyers can opt-in in their Store Shopping Settings to show weight of items in their shopping cart. Sellers can opt-out in their Store Settings to not show weight in their store's shopping cart to buyers opted-in to show it.
  • Weight on Order Detail Page - Buyers and sellers can select in their Orders Settings page to show weight of items on the order detail page. If this setting is activated, then the seller can always see the weight on their orders received. The buyer can also see weight on their orders placed except on orders where the seller has opted-out of showing weight in their store's shopping cart.
  • Weight for Incomplete Sets - Weights for incomplete sets always show as unknown.
  • Disclaimer - Item weights are supplied by BrickLink members and are not guaranteed to be accurate. Buyers and sellers should not rely solely on BrickLink weights to determine package weight and shipping costs. The weight provided may not be accurate, may be missing for some items, and does not include the seller's shipping materials.

Item Dimensions:
Catalog dimensions can only be added for sets, parts, books, and gear. Packaging dimensions can be added for all items in the catalog.
  • Packaging Dimensions - Packaging dimensions are necessary for the Instant Checkout feature. Packaging dimensions are separate from catalog item dimensions and are measured in millimeters. Packaging dimension additions can only be requested by posting in the discussion forum under the Packaging Dimensions topic.
  • Catalog Dimensions for Sets, Books and Gear - Dimensions are length x width x height and are entered in centimeters. Length and width measurements are taken from the item front, which is normally the surface with the main image. Length is the distance from left to right, width is the distance from top to bottom, and height is the depth from front to back. For sets and gear the dimensions are for the original box where applicable.
  • Catalog Dimensions for Parts - Dimensions are length x width x height and are entered using studs for length and width and bricks for height. Length is the narrow surface, width is the wide surface, and height is the distance from the top to the bottom of the part. All parts should include dimensions and measurements should reflect the dimensions of the entire part, including any attachments such as clips. Part titles themselves, however, should typically only reflect the dimensions of the basic part without attachments.
Additional Information About Dimensions:

  • Non-System Part Sizes - The LEGO Group produces parts which are differently sized than standard parts, such as parts in the Duplo and Quatro lines. Our unit of measurement within each group of non-standard parts is based on a standard-sized brick from that line.