Information: Flagged Items (proposed)

Some items in the catalog are flagged for various reasons. This page explains items flagged as marked for deletion, recalled, unreleased, and cannot be inventoried.

Items Marked for Deletion:
Any items in the catalog can be marked for deletion. Items may be marked for deletion for a number of reasons and marking an item for deletion means that it the catalog entry will eventually be removed from the catalog. When there are no more items for sale or items in orders tied to the catalog item which is marked for deletion, then we remove the catalog entry. Items marked for deletion have the following restrictions:

  • Cannot be listed for sale.
  • Cannot be added to wanted list.
  • Cannot be added to a new catalog inventory.
  • Does not show in download of catalog items.

Here is a list of Items Marked for Deletion.

Recalled Items:
Official LEGO items rarely need to be recalled, but it does happen.

Here is a list of Recalled Items.

Unreleased Items:
Unreleased items are those known not to have been released or those for which there is no proof of existence. If there is no image of an item and there is no proof of its existence, then the catalog entry for that item is either entirely removed from the catalog or marked for deletion.

Unreleased sets may be added to the catalog, but include a note to us if you're submitting an unreleased set. Our system will currently only flag sets as unreleased. In addition to having most of the restrictions of an item marked for deletion item, unreleased sets do not show in catalog search and browse results. However, unreleased items may have inventories.

Here is a list of Unreleased Items.

Items that Cannot Be Inventoried:
Some items do not have inventories and inventories cannot be added for them.

Flagging items that will not have inventories are explained on the Items which can't be Inventoried page.