Guidelines: Adding Items (proposed)

Catalog entries greatly benefit the entire BrickLink community. If you are a registered BrickLink member and you have an official LEGO item which is not in the catalog, then submit the item to the catalog. Learn how to add items on the Add Catalog Item or Image page.

Our turnaround time for making a decision on item submissions is typically only a few days, but will never be longer than three months. This page gives detailed advice and guidelines for adding items to the catalog.

Adding Figures:
A catalog entry for a figure must show the figure assembled exactly and completely as shown in official assembly instructions, including all accessories. Alternate figure builds that come after or in addition to the primary assembly are not included in the catalog.

If these guidelines would create two figures with exactly the same part inventories, then a single figure becomes a known undetermined entry and an additional note is added. Additional guidelines for adding figures are as follows:

  • Alternate Figures - Alternate figures should only be added when the figure comes in two or more versions which include differing parts or versions of parts as a result of intentional changes in set contents, set instructions, or changes over time resulting from part variants.
  • Early Figures - Early figures (1975-1977) were often built into the model and not shown in a freestanding position. These figures may be considered complete without being prescribed as such in the instructions or box images provided that four basic parts are present: legs, torso, head, and hair or headgear.
  • Figures with Dual-Sided Heads - The catalog image for a figure with a dual-sided head should show the orientation of the head as assembled in set instructions.
  • Figures without Assembly Instructions - Package illustrations or other marketing materials directly related to the figure may be used if the figure came without assembly instructions.
  • Minifigure Hips and Legs - We do not currently approve new entries for individual components of the hips and legs assembly for minifigures. Some exceptions have been made in the past and these have been allowed to remain.
  • Official Figures - Figures should only be added to the catalog which came in an official LEGO set or which can be attributed to an official LEGO program, display, activity, or event.
  • Stickered Figures - Figures decorated by a sticker may have an entry for the figure without the sticker applied and an entry for the figure with the sticker applied. However, catalog entries for figures and their torsos should not be created for each variation when there is more than one possibility presented within a set for decoration of the figure.

Adding Forbidden Items:
Although the BrickLink catalog is intended to be as inclusive as possible, we simply can't accept some submissions. Items on the following list should not be submitted to the catalog:

  1. Body parts from Belville and Fabuland figures - The catalog currently does not maintain entries for individual body parts for these figures.
  2. Different sizes for clothing such as shoes or T-shirts - The catalog only maintains a single entry for each design for each item of clothing. Sellers are responsible for describing details such as size in their listings and buyers are responsible for asking for details if none are provided.
  3. Duplicate items to change an existing catalog entry - If there is an error with an existing catalog entry, then correct it through existing means instead of submitting a new entry.
  4. Individual stickers from a sheet with more than one sticker - The catalog does not maintain entries for individual stickers.
  5. Intellectual property belonging to other websites - Images or data gleaned from other sites should not be submitted to BrickLink. Exceptions are items listed on official LEGO websites and historical items where the ownership is, for all practical purposes, untraceable.
  6. Items not in your possession for which there is no physical proof - Items rumored to exist or items which are in production and not yet released should not be submitted, even if images are available. Exceptions are made for sets, which may be submitted no more than three months prior to the expected release date.
  7. Original boxes - The system automatically adds the corresponding original box entry for every set that is added to the catalog. Exceptions are sometimes made for storage containers in which set parts were packaged. These kinds of boxes are added as the Gear item type.
  8. Part assemblies held together only by a sticker - Stickered assemblies must include parts which connect together and form a solid unit.
  9. Random part combinations or MOCs - Individual creations or MOCs (My Own Creation) are not included as catalog entries. Part combinations such as 2, 3, or 4 bricks stacked together are also not allowed because there are virtually infinite possibilities for these combinations.
  10. Set instructions - The system automatically adds the corresponding original instructions entry for every set that is added to the catalog. Exceptions are made for bonus instructions which show models built using parts from different sets. These kinds of instructions should be added as the Books item type.

Adding Official LEGO Items:
Only official LEGO items and officially licensed items may be added to the BrickLink catalog. Exceptions have been made in the past for unofficial items sold through official LEGO channels, but these exceptions are no longer made.

Adding Part Assemblies:
Part assemblies should only be included in the catalog when they came assembled in at least one set or when they are likely to be damaged by casual disassembly. However, some exceptions may be made for common, everyday items like books or food which are highly desirable as assemblies. A few early catalog entries which do not follow these guidelines have been allowed to remain, but they are not precedent for adding new catalog entries which are similar.

Part assembly components can have variable colors for one of the components in the assembly. The other color or colors are defined in the title of the assembly. This functionality reduces the total number of entries necessary for the catalog. Catalog entries for color variations should generally be added for the color that has the fewest possible variations.

Part assemblies should be assembled as shown in the set instructions until the assembly is minimally complete. No external accessories should be added to the assembly, but all internal parts should be included.

Adding Set Collections and Item Groupings:
Multi-set catalog entries in the Sets item type are limited to the ways in which the LEGO Group is known to have packaged and distributed them. This includes sets released as promotional items through other companies. Educational and Dacta multi-set packages are limited only to those which include an official or unofficial item not individually available or those which are known to have been packaged in a single original box with set labels applied.

Groupings of other items are only allowed as catalog entries if those items were separately or independently sold as a complete group by the LEGO Group or a licensed partner.

Adding Stickered Parts and Sticker Sheets:
A part with a sticker applied should only be submitted if the part with the sticker attached matches set assembly instructions. Stickered parts in the catalog should reflect the use intended and shown for the sticker with regard to the type, vintage, and color of the part the sticker is applied to. Indicate the set number for stickered parts when submitting them, either in the title or in a note to us. The only restriction on stickered assemblies is that they exactly match the set instructions.

Stickers included with a set that are not intended to be affixed to any part in the set should be added as the Gear item type. Examples of such stickers include the red circle with white number in small promotional sets and images of Bionicle Rahkshi in some Bionicle sets.

Adding Wheel and Tire Assemblies:
Wheel and tire assemblies should only be added to the catalog when they are composed of a wheel and tire as they are matched in use in an official LEGO set. Other combinations of wheel and tire are possible, but such matches should instead be submitted as an entry or addition to an entry in the Tire on Wheel relationship match.

Have Further Questions About Adding Items?
If you're experiencing problems with adding an item or have further questions about items, then visit the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you can't find the answer there, then contact a Catalog Administrator.