Information: Catalog Roadmap (proposed)

This page outlines catalog projects under consideration, projects in progress, and completed projects. The definitions of those terms are:

  • Projects Under Consideration - These are projects being considered by Catalog Administrators or suggested by members. To suggest a new catalog project contact a Catalog Administrator. When a project is approved it moves into the Projects In Progress section and work begins.

  • Projects In Progress - These are ongoing projects. They are moved to the Projects Completed section upon completion. To help with a project in progress, first read about it and ask questions if necessary. Once you understand how to help with the project, you may begin submitting Catalog Add or Change requests.

  • Completed Projects - This section documents historical record of past major catalog projects.

Projects listed on the first two sections of this page might not ever be completed or even attempted. The page merely functions as a way to share what's happening now, what could happen, and what has already happened with the BrickLink catalog.

Projects Under Consideration:
  1. Sticker Sheet Restructuring - A project to reduce or eliminate duplicated sticker sheet entries in the catalog. Sticker sheets currently have hundreds of duplicated catalog entries which cause difficulties for anyone wanting to buy or sell a sticker sheet which came in more than one set. This is a major project which could require renumbering thousands of sticker sheets.

    Date first added: 10/26/2018
    Suggested by: StormChaser

  2. Clarification of Item Types and Moving Items - A project to clearly define what constitutes sets, parts, minifigures, books, gear, and catalogs. Once clear definitions exist, some (and potentially many) items may need to be changed from one type to another to comply with definitions. The complete current definitions which were created by Daniel Jezek, the site founder, and last modified in March, 2010 are included here for historical reference:

    • Sets - Building sets.
    • Parts - Individual elements that make up a set.
    • Minifigs - Mini figures.
    • Books
    • Gear - Human accessories such as key chains, watches, clothing, etc.
    • Catalogs

    Date first added: 10/26/2018
    Suggested by: StormChaser

  3. Constraction/CCBS Parts Cleanup - A project to standardize certain parts sometimes referred to as constraction or CCBS (Character and Creature Building System). This major project of standardization could involve retitling certain parts, moving certain parts to other categories, and potentially creating a new category or multiple categories of parts.

    Date first added: 10/26/2018
    Suggested by: TheOneVeyronian and mockingbird

  4. ISBNs/ISSNs for Books - A project to seek out and add ISBNs and ISSNs to all items in the Books category as either primary or alternate item numbers. This is a major research project which could involve numerous item number changes and alternate item number additions.

    Date first added: 10/27/2018
    Suggested by: bje

  5. Color Category Updates - A project to standardize the ways in which pearl light gray/flat silver, pearl gold/metallic gold, and potentially also copper colors are handled. An additional suggestion involves distinguishing between pearl dark gray and titanium metallic. This major project could also include the addition of several new colors and should involve discussion with members who have expertise in identifying and understanding color differences.

    Date first added: 10/27/2018
    Suggested by: WoutR, pikachu3, viejos, and jodawill

  6. Resolve Solid Stud Heads - A project to add up to 75 minifigures to the catalog to resolve the issue of solid stud heads. This project would start from 1978 minifigures and proceed forward in time.

    Date first added: 10/29/2018
    Suggested by: viejos

  7. Standardize Stud-Size Part Dimensions - A project to define exactly how and when stud-size part dimensions are used in the catalog and add or remove dimensions from parts as necessary. This major project is not fully developed, but would primarily affect parts in non-standard sizes. Standard-sized parts like bricks and plates are already well defined and have consistent dimensions, but there are currently over 25,000 parts in the catalog lacking stud-size dimensions.

    Date first added: 10/29/2018
    Suggested by: calsbricks

  8. Part Reclassifications - A project to revisit certain difficult-to-define parts and determine if they would fit better in different categories. This is a major project which could involve changing numerous parts to other categories and creating written policies to specifically define each individual part category and what it should contain.

    Date first added: 10/29/2018
    Suggested by: par016 and RoswellGinny

  9. Torso and Leg Assemblies Categories Split - A project to split torso assemblies and hips/legs assemblies into decorated and non-decorated categories. This relatively minor project would involve creating two new parts categories and moving some parts.

    Date first added: 10/29/2018
    Suggested by: WILYKAT

  10. Rubber Belt Cleanup - A project to standardize the way rubber belts are handled in the catalog. This minor project could involve retitling some or all rubber belts and changing their dimensions. Additionally, per randyf, this would involve creating a part category for the cardboard sleeves in which rubber belts are packaged (a category which could be used for all items which came in cardboard sleeves) and would involve changes in inventories. Other issues may become apparent upon closer examination.

    Date first added: 10/30/2018
    Suggested by: jennnifer and randyf

  11. Pneumatic Hoses Cleanup - A project to standardize the way pneumatic hoses are handled in the catalog and correct existing errors. This potentially major project will need research and could involve creating and/or deleting numerous catalog entries and could also involve many inventory changes.

    Date first added: 10/31/2018
    Suggested by: samsam2

  12. Dacta/Education Set Cleanup - A project to reexamine sets in the Educational & Dacta category with the goal of reducing the number of unnecessary catalog entries in the category. This relatively minor project could involve merging some catalog entries and adding alternate item numbers, primarily for sets like service packs for which no evidence exists of any differences between sets with different item numbers. The project would also take a hard look at combination packs and potentially eliminate them from the catalog with an attendant policy change due to the massive number both added and not yet added to the catalog. This project may also include splitting catalog entries for a few sets which are significantly different in contents.

    Date first added: 10/31/2018
    Suggested by: StormChaser

  13. Classic Category Cleanup - A project to decide what should be done with the category Classic and take action as necessary. Category originally contained only sets from 1949-1971. Starting in 2015 new sets branded Classic were added to this category each year. This minor project could involve moving some sets to different categories.

    Date first added: 11/02/2018
    Suggested by: 62Bricks

  14. Correct Bionicle Mini CD-ROM Information - A project to correct certain information about Bionicle CD-ROMs included in sets. This minor project may involve changes in titles and photos for some catalog entries and changes in inventories of six sets. Added to the list because it could involve extensive research to verify necessary changes.

    Date first added: 11/03/2018
    Suggested by: vantaali

  15. Correct Electrical Wire Information - A project to standardize how parts in the Electric, Wire & Connector category are handled and correct information where necessary (particularly dimensions). This major project may necessitate numerous changes of all kinds, will require significant community contributions, and could take some time.

    Date first added: 11/04/2018
    Suggested by: SezaR

  16. Define Part Assemblies - A project to define what BrickLink considers to be a part assembly. This minor project will involve creating written guidelines and discussing these guidelines with the member community. The project could then result in changes to existing assemblies.

    Date first added: 11/08/2018
    Suggested by: paulej72

  17. Add Test Prints - A project to add test prints such as minifigure heads or other test print parts to the catalog. The scope of this project is unknown and will require further consideration and possibly written polices regarding test prints.

    Date first added: 11/09/2018
    Suggested by: mfav and qwertyboy

  18. Standardize LEGO Capitalization - A project to standardize the way the word LEGO is capitalized throughout the catalog. There are 5,183 items in the catalog with the word LEGO in the title and this word is not capitalized the same way in all of them. This major project would necessitate reviewing every title which uses this word.

    Date first added: 11/22/2018
    Suggested by: bje

  19. Standardize Figure Titles - A project to standardize figure titles throughout the catalog. There are 10,719 figures in the catalog and a diverse array of titling methods have been used across different themes and even within individual themes. This major project would involve creating standardized titles which would be applicable to all figures and then changing all figure titles to a standard format.

    Date first added: 11/25/2018
    Suggested by: StormChaser

  20. Add Sets Members Want - A project to discuss and possibly add pickable models, in-store builds, and other similar sets to the catalog. This is a relatively minor project which is essentially just a policy change. It has been added to the roadmap so that members know we may be open to the possibility of adding these sets in the future and so that we don't forget about doing this.

    Date first added: 12/06/2018
    Suggested by: Many members

  21. Modulex Decorated Tile Cleanup - A project to examine this category and remove items without images as necessary. Over a third of the parts missing images in the catalog are in this category. This is a relatively minor, but time-consuming, project.

    Date first added: 12/23/2018
    Suggested by: viejos

  22. Cross Theme Duplicates is Over - A project to remove both cross theme duplicates and their relationship match. Cross theme duplicates was a short-lived experiment in the BrickLink catalog which failed and was never cleaned up. This minor project will require removing nine individual relationship matches, merging nine items, removing the Cross Theme Duplicates relationship match, and updating the catalog guidelines regarding relationship matches.

    Date first added: 12/25/2018
    Suggested by: StormChaser

  23. Add Seven Digit Item Numbers to Sets - A project to add the seven digit set identifying numbers typically found next to the bar code on the set box as alternate item numbers to all sets which have them. This is a massive project because these numbers have not been traditionally added to sets and nearly all sets are missing them. The value of including these numbers is low and they would be included mainly for the sake of having complete information.

    Date first added: 01/02/2019
    Suggested by: FreeStorm

  24. Sort Parts 4865pbxx with Pattern to Proper Mold Variant - Currently all stickered counteparts of this part are under undetermine entry 4865. So it means also to add correct mold 4865a. Then to rename and renumber all "pb" of this part" to correct mold variant 4865a and 4865b.

    Date first added: 04/04/2019
    Suggested by: randyf

  25. Revision of Figure Assemblies Policies - A project to redefine and make consistent the guidelines for how figures are cataloged and inventoried in the BrickLink catalog. This will include solid definitions for hand-held accessories, foot gear, head gear, neck gear, etc. After the new guidelines are enacted, some figures in the BrickLink catalog will need to be changed to meet the guideliness.

    Date first added: 04/05/2019
    Suggested by: randyf, StormChaser, Hygrotus

  26. Remove 'new' and 'old' from parts descriptions and numbers - A project to rename parts and change their numbers to remove words 'old' and 'new'. Difference from the previous version should be properly described.

    Date first added: 08/11/2019
    Suggested by: 62Bricks

  27. Catalog Entries and Inventories for Belville/Scala Foam Sheet Sets - A project to add individual Belville/Scala foam sheets and individual foam parts removed from those sheets. The Belville/Scala foam sheet sets and foam sheets would then be properly inventoried.

    Date first added: 08/17/2019
    Suggested by: randyf, Hygrotus

Projects In Progress:
  • Figure Part Changes - A project to change the way certain figure parts are handled in the catalog. This major project includes several facets: reorganizing dual-colored molded arms, adding individual decorated hips and legs, adding individual Technic figure parts, changing titles of certain dual-sided heads to reflect this fact and splitting heads into single-side print and dual-side print categories, and potentially reorganizing/renumbering certain mini doll legs to reflect a change in production methods. This project would need to be implemented in individual steps.

    Action Plan: This project is currently in progress, but temporarily on hold as of 11/13/2018.
    Date first added: 10/27/2018
    Date work began: 11/09/2018
    Goal for completion: 03/09/2019
    Suggested by: LordSkylark

  • Additional Notes Review - A project to review all existing additional notes for items in the catalog to determine if any corrections or removals are necessary. There are currently 4,114 additional notes and this major project will necessitate reviewing every note.

    Action Plan: Members can contribute by reviewing additional notes and reporting any action necessary in the Discussion Forum. A discussion thread has been opened for this purpose. The advanced catalog search can be used to locate additional notes. 01/01/2019 Update: This project has run over schedule, but is still in progress and is a little over half done.
    Date first added: 11/14/2018
    Date work began: 11/14/2018
    Goal for completion: 12/14/2018
    Suggested by: StormChaser

  • Catalog Help Center Update - A project to rethink the structure and content of the Catalog Help Center. This major project will result in significant changes to the entire section.

    Action Plan: This requires administrative action and is in progress right now. It will probably take longer than a day, though. 01/01/2019 Update: The project was essentially complete within the first two days, but has undergone continual refinements nearly every day since then and the new Help Center pages are still undergoing revisions. At this point, however, the main holdup on further progress is management review.
    Date first added: 11/28/2018
    Date work began: 11/28/2018
    Goal for completion: 11/29/2018
    Suggested by: mfav

Completed Projects:
  1. Retitling Minifigure Heads - A project to retitle all minifigure heads currently titled "Stud Recessed" to "Hollow Stud" to reduce confusion and remain consistent with how other similar stud types are described. This major project would consist of retitling 1,637 minifigure heads. All stud type descriptions for other parts (solid stud, open stud, blocked open stud, and recessed stud) are currently consistent.

    Project Review: This project was fairly simple and consisted of simply retitling all 3626c-type heads. This project was completed five days ahead of schedule and the primary contributors were bje, Hygrotus, leopard37, and tomsmith.
    Date first added: 10/28/2018
    Date work began: 10/29/2018
    Goal for completion: 11/05/2018
    Date actually completed: 10/31/2018
    Suggested by: hpoort

  2. Flags Enhancement - A project to enhance Flag on Flagpole, Wave parts with information provided by Gary Istok. This project needs further research and could involve additions, deletions, merges, title changes, and inventory changes.

    Project Review: This project necessitated creating around 15 new catalog entries, adding relationship matches for those entries, and making numerous inventory changes to correct inventories of sets from the late 1950s to early 1960s. The project was completed over two weeks ahead of schedule and the primary contributor was viejos.
    Date first added: 10/31/2018
    Date work began: 11/02/2018
    Goal for completion: 11/23/2018
    Date actually completed: 11/07/2018
    Suggested by: istokg

  3. Categorize (Other) Items - A project to clear out the backlog of uncategorized catalog entries. There are currently 715 items in the catalog categorized in the (Other) category. This major project would involve deciding what these 715 items actually are and could involve creating new categories.

    Project Review: This project required creating a number of new categories. An unexpected problem involving store inventories arose from merging some categories, but this problem was corrected. A small percentage of items which were moved will need to be revisited for correct categorization when written definitions of categories are created. Only one item was left in the (Other) category and this was the Obscure 50,000th BrickLink Catalog Item (Part 6626). The project was completed a little over two weeks ahead of schedule and around 20 members contributed with discussion in the forum.
    Date first added: 10/28/2018
    Date work began: 10/31/2018
    Goal for completion: 12/01/2018
    Date actually completed: 11/14/2018
    Suggested by: randyf

  4. Rendered Image Cleanup - A project to delete all rendered part images in the catalog that don't exist as real parts. These images show parts in non-existent colors and there are estimated to be 1,600+ images which need to be removed.

    Project Review: An estimated 1,500 images were removed and the project was considered complete. Undetermined items and those marked for deletion were ignored. Contributors were axaday, bje, Lauren_Luke, and Minifigforlife. The amount of time needed for this project was greatly overestimated and it was completed well ahead of schedule.
    Date first added: 10/29/2018
    Date work began: 11/14/2018
    Goal for completion: 12/26/2018
    Date actually completed: 11/22/2018
    Suggested by: viejos

  5. Set Numbers in Minifigure Titles Cleanup - A project to decide if set numbers should be included in minifigure titles. Currently a mix of different approaches are used. Catalog policy will be updated once a decision is made and all minifigure titles will be standardized to comply with the policy. This major project will require checking over 10,000 minifigure titles and making changes where necessary.

    Project Review: The discussion on this project resulted in the addition of written policy that set, book, and gear numbers would not be included in figure titles unless the figure had not yet been included in an inventory. Roughly one fifth of figures in the catalog had these kinds of numbers in the titles, which resulted in approximately 2,100 catalog changes to remove them. The project was completed in only four days instead of the estimated two weeks and the primary contributors were axaday, bje, Hygrotus, and Lauren_Luke.
    Date first added: 11/22/2018
    Date work began: 11/22/2018
    Goal for completion: 12/06/2018
    Date actually completed: 11/26/2018
    Suggested by: randyf

  6. The Figs Are Gone - A project to remove the word "fig" in all its variations from the catalog (minifig, maxifig, microfig, etc.). This colloquial/slang word presents an appearance of amateurism and does not fit the desired image of a professional cataloging system. This major project will require around 7,000 changes, including 14 part category title changes and one item type title change, to remove the word in all its forms.

    Project Review: This project was not publicly announced. It was completed using a special tool available to catalog administrators: Ridiculous Amounts of Time. The item type Minifigs had still not been changed to the suggested word Figures by the time the project was completed. During the project the LEGO Group announced bigfigs, so the word will return to the catalog. The sole contributor to this project was the person who suggested it and the project was completed only a few days ahead of schedule.
    Date first added: 11/11/2018
    Date work began: 11/11/2018
    Goal for completion: 12/11/2018
    Date actually completed: 12/06/2018
    Suggested by: StormChaser

  7. Add New Relationship Match Type - A project to add a new relationship match type for parts which naturally fit together and which are commonly used together. Once the match type is defined and added, then many new relationship matches will need to be made and some existing matches will need to be changed to the new type.

    Project Review: The new relationship type was created and defined and over 100 new matches were added. The title of the new match is Parts that Belong Together. Unfortunately, the match was not capable of handling complex item relationships and could only be used for basic matches. The project was completed on schedule. Randyf contributed by modifying the relationship definition, crazylegoman contributed by modifying the relationship title, and several members contributed by adding new relationship matches.
    Date first added: 12/22/2018
    Date work began: 12/23/2018
    Goal for completion: 01/01/2019
    Date actually completed: 01/01/2019
    Suggested by: mcmit

  8. Create Complete Series Entries for Collectible Minifigures - A project to create catalog entries to enable the sale of full series of collectible minifigures. This is a minor, but controversial, project which needs to be fully understood before moving forward.

    Project Review: Complete Series of Complete Minifigure Sets were created for all Collectible Minifugures Series. This project was completed ahead of schedule and the primary contributors were Admin_Russell, Hygrotus, upcycledbricks, viejos and zack_attack .
    Date first added: 10/30/2018
    Date work began: 01/14/2019
    Goal for completion: 04/30/2019
    Date actually completed: 04/19/2019
    Suggested by: Rw107