Contribute: Change Existing Catalog Entry (proposed)

If you spot incorrect information in a catalog entry and want to correct the information, then contribute by completing the Change Item form. This form allows the correction of most information. If a change is not possible with this form, then post a request to the Catalog Requests topic in the discussion forum.

When you submit a request with the form we may approve or not approve the change. You can view or delete your pending requests from your My Activity page (go to the section titled My Non-Commercial Contributions).

Catalog changes are given color-coded status:

- Yellow means the request is pending approval.
- Green means the request has been completed.
- Red means the request was not approved.
- Blue means that we made a change ourselves without using the Change Item form.

You can view recent changes on the Catalog Change Log page.

Completing the Change Item Form:
  • Select the item type at the upper right of the page which matches the item you want to change.
  • Enter the item number.
  • Click one or more of the checkboxes on the left side of the form and enter new information on the right.
  • Include a note for us at the bottom if desired and then click the Submit Request button.
  • If you need additional help completing this form, then contact a Catalog Administrator.

Restrictions on Change Requests:
  • It's not possible to submit additional changes to the same item if a request to change the same item is pending approval.
  • It's not possible to update an item if the new information to update is the same as existing information.
  • It's not possible to change an item number to an item number that already exists in the catalog under the same item type.

Logged and Unlogged Changes:
All changes to catalog entries made by members using the Change Item form are logged. Many changes we make directly to data are logged, but some changes are not. The changes which are logged are shown below and any other changes we make are not logged.

  • Item Category Change
  • Item Number Change
  • Item Type Change
  • Item Merge
  • Category Name Change
  • Category Merge
  • Color Name Change
  • Color Merge
  • Xref Move

Xref (Cross-Referenced) Changes:
Moving Xref Items means changing items cross-referenced to a catalog item to another catalog item and/or another color within the same catalog item. Xref item changes affect:

  • Items for sale
  • Items sold (includes the Price Guide feature)
  • Items in shopping carts
  • Items wanted (the Wanted List feature)
  • Items saved in favorite searches
  • Items with Order Item Removal Requests