Contribute: Add Catalog Item or Image (proposed)

BrickLink welcomes catalog additions from registered members. In fact, we depend on members to help us build a comprehensive and accurate catalog. Items and images you submit to us are valued and will be handled carefully. If we have questions about a submission or cannot approve it, then we will contact you.

Don't worry about getting your submission perfect. Adding items and images can be confusing at first, but the process definitely becomes easier. We will correct your submission to catalog standards as necessary, but it will be approved much quicker if it aligns with existing standards.

Use the Add Item form to add your item to the catalog. Then use the Add Image form to add an image to the catalog.

Adding an Item? First, Select the Item Type:
Select the item type at the top of the Add Item form. There are six selectable item types and the form will be set by default to add the item type Parts.

Learn more about item types by visiting the Guidelines: Item Types page.

Next, Enter Information for Your Item:
The form will tell you whether the following fields are required or optional:

  • Category: Select the category or categories which most accurately describe the item. For parts this is a drop-down menu and only one category may be selected. For all other items multiple categories may be selected.
  • Item No (Number): Enter a number for your item. There are many different numbering methods used in the catalog depending on the item. If you're unsure what number to use, then look at similar items which already have catalog entries.
  • Item Name: Enter a name for your item. There are many different naming methods used in the catalog depending on the item and the same advice given for item numbers is applicable here.
  • Year Released: Select the year the item was released. If the year is unknown, select ? from the menu.
  • Instructions: Select the correct number of instructions. This field is only used for sets. If there is only one instructions booklet or you don't know how many booklets there are, then select Yes. Only select No if you're sure the set didn't have instructions.
  • Language: Select the language in which the item is written. This field is only used for books, gear, and catalogs. Multiple languages can be selected as necessary.
  • Weight: Enter an accurate weight for the item after weighing it. All weights are in grams.
  • Dimensions: Enter appropriate dimensions for the item after measuring it. Dimensions should be entered as length x width x height.
  • Co-Brand: Select the appropriate co-brand if applicable This field is only for items which have another brand name or logo on the box, in the set contents, or in the set name.
  • Note for Catalog Administrator: Leave a message here for us if anything about this item needs further explanation. We read all notes and it's difficult to include too much information about pending items. You're also welcome to include something fun in this field to brighten our day since information you enter here is not saved once the item is approved.

Learn more about item information fields by visiting these pages:

Guidelines: Item Categories
Guidelines: Item Titles and Numbers
Guidelines: Item Weights and Dimensions
Frequently Asked Questions

Now Send it to Us!
Once the form is complete to your satisfaction send it to us with the Add Item to Catalog button at the bottom. There is detailed information about adding items on our Guidelines: Adding Items page, but the most important points to remember are:

  • Personal LEGO creations are not given catalog entries.
  • Items must be accompanied by an image to be approved.
  • Items must be official LEGO products or officially licensed products.
  • Items should not be submitted more than two months before the expected release date.
  • Minifigures should be assembled as shown in the set instructions without accessories.
  • Images and data from other websites are not accepted unless they come from sites owned and operated by the LEGO Group.

Finally, Add an Image:
The fields for this form are:

  • Item Type: Select one of the eight item types which correspond to the item type of the image you're uploading.
  • Image Color: Select the color of the item in the image you're uploading. This field is not necessary for all items.
  • Item No (Number): Enter the appropriate item number for the image. This may be the item number for a pending item or an item already in the catalog.
  • Image File: Add the image from your device by clicking the button shown or dragging and dropping the image into the field.
  • Note for Catalog Admin: Add a note to us if there is anything about the image which needs to be explained or if you have instructions for us on how to use the image.

Once the form is complete to your satisfaction send it to us with the Upload Image! button at the bottom.

Learn more about images by visiting the Guidelines: Adding Images page.

Need to Modify Your Pending Item?
No problem! Visit the Change Item page and look for New Items at the bottom of the page to see your items pending approval. Find the item you want to modify and you may change the following attributes:

  • Cat: These are the category IDs. Here you may enter the ID of an entirely new category or add additional categories. Separate categories by a comma if an item has more than one category. For a complete list of categories and their IDs visit the Category List page.
  • Cb: This is the co-brand ID and this field functions in the same way as the Cat field. The complete list of co-brands may be found on the Category List.
  • Wg: Enter or change the weight in grams.
  • Dim: Enter or change dimensions. Dimensions are length x width x height.
  • Instr: Enter or change the number of instruction booklets. The number here indicates the number of booklets and 0 means the set has no instructions.

You may click on the Edit On/Edit Off links to toggle between editing modes when you are modifying your pending items.