Items in the reference catalog are classified into one of 6 main categories called Item Type and further classified by category.
Item Type:
Items in the reference catalog are classified into:
  • Sets - Building sets.
  • Parts - Individual elements that make up a set.
  • Minifigs - Mini figures.
  • Books
  • Gear - Human accessories such as key chains, watches, clothing, etc.
  • Catalogs
Sets have a corresponding entry under:
  • Instructions - Building instructions for a set.
  • Original Boxes - Original packaging such as a box, bucket, polybag, canister, etc.
The Unsorted Lots item type is only available when listing items for sale that do not fit into any of the above categories, for example a pile of unsorted parts.
In addition to being classified into item types, items are further classified into categories. Categories are used both as a way to divide items into smaller groups and as a way to tag all items that have something in common.

To add a new category, please post a request in the Catalog Requests discussion group.