Feedback Removal Rules

Removal of feedback is done on the Feedback Removal Request page.
Feedback you Posted:
You can remove feedback that you posted up to 1 month from the date that it was posted. Feedback is removed immediately, without an approval process and can be reposted.
Feedback you Received:
The following are currently the only valid reasons for which you can request feedback you received to be removed:
  • Feedback you received contains vulgar language.
  • Feedback you received contains personally identifying information including your name, address, e-mail address or telephone number.
  • You are the seller and the buyer has not paid. Non-Paying Buyer Alert has been completed or the buyer has accepted the NPB penalty via NPX.
  • You are the buyer and the seller has not responded or shipped. Non-Responding Seller Alert or Non-Shipping Seller Alert has been completed.

  • Feedback you received was posted by a duplicate account of a user who had their membership terminated.
  • Feedback you received was posted by a duplicate account of a user who was on your Stop List before the order was placed.
If you're requesting feedback to be removed for the last 2 reasons above, you should contact the Help Desk before you submit the request and let us know what is the original username of the duplicate account. Please keep in mind that Customer Support requires at minimum a reason why the feedback is requested to be removed. Simply stating "Remove this feedback" will not be addressed without clarification.

Requests can be submitted until the order is purged from the system - up to 6 months from the order date. Requests are submitted to the BrickLink Administration for approval. If the feedback is removed, it cannot be reposted. Each request has a status:

- Request is pending approval.
- Request has been completed and feedback removed.
- Request has been denied.

Repeated requests for feedback to be removed after being notified will not be granted, and if it becomes abusive, will result in an account warning or in extreme cases, suspension from BrickLink. Customer Support does not extend favors out of fairness to other community members.