Item for Sale Listing Policy

If you are a registered seller, please read and comply with this item listing policy:
  1. LEGO Products Only - All items listed for sale on this site must be the LEGO product or have something to do with it. Other brand products such as MegaBloks are not allowed on this site. For custom items without original LEGO content, the item's primary purpose must be to be used with LEGO or to supplement a Lego collection.

    Selling a LEGO-related service is not a valid item to be listed for sale in a store but it can be advertised in the seller's splash page, about me page, forum posting, etc. Selling consulting about LEGO products is considered a service. Selling LEGO-related information on a CD or custom instructions in a PDF file are considered products.

  2. Unreleased Items - Official LEGO items may not be listed prior to their official release date, either as custom lots or under other catalog entries. Stores that violate this policy are subject to suspension.

  3. Original Instructions, Original Boxes, Stickers, Catalogs - Any official LEGO material must be original. You may not sell photocopies or a CD-ROM containing scanned versions, as this is a direct violation of the LEGO copyright. You also may not include photocopies or a CD-ROM containing scanned versions included with any other item you are selling. You may list your own custom made instructions, boxes, stickers or catalogs if they are for your own models but they may not be copies of the official LEGO version.

  4. Custom Items - Custom items, including customized parts and custom sets, must be listed in the custom items section using the "Custom Item" option on the sell item screen. For more information how to list an item as custom, please see the Custom Items help topic.

  5. No Animated GIF Files - If you are using your own image of an item, the image cannot be an animated GIF or the animated GIF must contain only 1 frame.

  6. Exact quantity - The quantity of the item that you are listing for sale must not be greater than the quantity you have on hand. The only exception to this is a custom LEGO magazine that has to be pre-ordered and the buyer is made aware of this in the item description.

  7. Comments Field - You can include the price of the shipping costs in the comments field but you can't hard-code the price of the item for sale in the comments field. Putting an exchange rate in the comments field is prohibited.

  8. Item Condition (New/Used) and Sub-Condition for Sets (Complete/Incomplete/Sealed) must adhere to their respective Definitions. The following are tips to avoid most frequent errors:
    • Sets which have been previously built must be listed as Used.
    • Sets without Minifigs must be listed as Incomplete.
We reserve the right to delete without any notice any items listed on BrickLink that do not comply with this policy.