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 Complaint  LittleG_brick (225)  Jul 31, 2019  11302712  Buyer 
 Never received order or any communication from seller. Buyers beware!!!
 Complaint  Roland3223zekut (-4)  Apr 1, 2019  10812831  Seller 
 Complaint  ASDFGHJKL. (8)  Jan 23, 2019  10376925  Buyer 
 Abuses feedback with neutral/negative for no apparent reason. Buyers beware!!!
 Complaint  jakhari1 (2)  Jul 13, 2018  9551913  Seller 
 Buyer did not pay for order!!! NPB issued.
 Complaint  sujizxz (-78)  Oct 20, 2017  8505480  Seller 
 Bogus order, invalid address. Cancel account!
 Complaint  QCBricks (12563)  Aug 22, 2017  8274772  Seller 
 Unreasonable buyer.
 Reply: Petty retaliation from a non-shipping seller who cancelled order :)
 Follow-Up: Out of stock items do not warrant neg feedback, ridiculous, petty buyer :)
 Complaint  Abass1331 (8)  May 17, 2017  7893000  Seller 
 NPB filed after no response for payment.
 Complaint  Bricker20145 (55)  Oct 11, 2016  7041421  Seller 
 Sellers Beware! Buyer demands free shipping then cancels/vulgar language emails.
 Reply: 70 dollar (600g) for shipping to sweden and ignore email in 2 weeks
 Follow-Up: Shipping was only $22 and we replied immediately, no emails ignored! Bad buyer!!
 Complaint  envylife (7)  Aug 14, 2015  5567731  Seller 
 NPB- Complaint filed requesting removal of this buyer from Bricklink.

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