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 Complaint  kdever01 (67)  Feb 12, 2019  10548982  Seller 
 Buyer Bought Incomlete set then expects me to pay to complete it. Seller Beware!
 Complaint  danny4420 (-1)  Jan 9, 2019  10372983  Seller 
 NON Paying Buyer!!
 Complaint  Tylerrutt17 (5)  Nov 5, 2018  10042068  Seller 
 Non Paying Buyer!
 Complaint  saltczar (147)  Nov 4, 2018  10006755  Seller 
 Not understanding I made a mistake, refunded promptly, still left bad feedback
 Complaint  Crothenb (-1)  May 30, 2018  9434673  Seller 
 Does not respond to emails. Non Paying Buyer! Beware!
 Complaint  sam90 (24)  May 30, 2018  9425674  Seller 
 Ordered 6lbs of items - expected shipping to France to be Cheap - SAD! Beware!
 Complaint  legoty33 (0)  May 30, 2018  9422138  Seller 
 Never responded to invoice - NPB - Beware!!
 Complaint  Sneezer2010 (14)  Apr 30, 2018  9267604  Seller 
 Give someone a discount and they still leave bad feedback. 1 bad apple ruins it!
 Reply: Advertised "complete" sets; were not. Missing several pieces; buyer beware
 Follow-Up: LIE! Knew it was NOT Have email to prove he is a liar! Seller Beware! So Sad!
 Complaint  elrick17 (-1)  Apr 10, 2018  9211344  Seller 
 Non-Paying Buyer, because he did not want to pay shipping. Sad!
 Reply: Sorry this was my 1st time using Bricklink..shld have checked shipping cost 1st.
 Complaint  shenwei666 (28)  Mar 14, 2018  9086790  Seller 
 Non-Paying Buyer, because he did not want to pay sales tax and shipping. Sad!

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