Items Released In 1981: Large Images by Poohman50 (15972)  
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ImageItem No.Description
Instruction No: 555  Name: Basic Set 555-2 (Instructions) for Basic Set
Catalog: InstructionsUniversal Building SetBasic Set
Instruction No: 6600  Name: Police Patrol 6600-1 (Instructions) for Police Patrol
Catalog: InstructionsTownClassic TownPolice
Instruction No: 6628  Name: Shell Tow Truck 6628-1 (Instructions) for Shell Tow Truck
Catalog: InstructionsTownClassic TownGas Station
Instruction No: 6630  Name: Bucket Loader 6630-1 (Instructions) for Bucket Loader
Catalog: InstructionsTownClassic TownConstruction
Instruction No: 6650  Name: Fire and Rescue Van 6650-1 (Instructions) for Fire and Rescue Van
Catalog: InstructionsTownClassic TownFire
Instruction No: 6691  Name: Red Cross Helicopter 6691-1 (Instructions) for Red Cross Helicopter
Catalog: InstructionsTownClassic TownHospital
Instruction No: 6870  Name: Space Probe Launcher 6870-1 (Instructions) for Space Probe Launcher
Catalog: InstructionsSpaceClassic Space
Instruction No: 6929  Name: Starfleet Voyager 6929-1 (Instructions) for Starfleet Voyager
Catalog: InstructionsSpaceClassic Space
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