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I began my Lego collection as a kid then stopped at my teens forgetting about the time and money invested. Years later (blowing my parents dream) I became a trashman (by choice HA!) in southern Ohio. I started to notice the amount of Legos being carelessly thrown away by teenagers who began to think they were maturing enough to have no need for toys. So, I started leaving notes on my customers trash cans informing them that I would be willing to pay cash for their Lego trash. I had about 400 stops a day with no help which equals a lot of notes, but it worked out very well. Students going off to college were my biggest customers needing the money to squander at the local night clubs. From there I stared selling parts on another website. I've done well in spite of the incredibly large fees they charge. My decision to move to Bricklink came when I suffered from a bloodclot that permenately damaged my right arm. Obviously, I can not function as well and needed a much cheaper, cleaner, neater and easier way to continue my fasination with Lego blocks. So here I am with Brickster's Bounty hoping to hear from you very soon!
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