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I'm a well travelled Australian, originally from Melbourne but now in Canberra. I have been fortunate, having lived in Europe and travelled the Asia Pacific region with the Navy. My passion is Lego and Star Wars/Sci Fi and all things military and historical. I have completed 18 years service in the Royal Australian Navy, 9 of which was as a Submariner. I rediscovered Lego after the release of the Star Wars range of kits. Great Stuff..... I survived the dark ages. Now I am putting ideas to the test and letting my imaginatation run away. I plan to build a model of the Space ship Sulaco or something akin to it... it will be huge. I currently have over 2900 sets in my inventory, 2640+ unique, and I'm still buying..... It's an addiction, what else can I say. See you round the fleet, yours Aye, Adrian "Harry" Harrison
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