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My name is Andrew. I'm 43, married with 3 kids. (15, 10, and a 6 year old with CdLS; see CdLSUSA.org for details of this syndrome) I got out of my dark ages when my now 10 year old son discovered a gallon bag of legos at a garage sale when he was 3. I bought it for $1 and we immediately decided that it was a cool! That, and the fact that he didn't want to eat them, but to build things. Then, he got a SW lego set from his grandma and things have gotten quite out of control since then.

My current activity is collecting Star Wars Lego Minifigures. I'll buy and keep a few of the whole sets, but I am slowly buying the other various SW minifigures by themselves. I am using a metal shelving unit and the 2X4 magnets pieces to display my collection. I need to get some pictures of it.

By day I am a Supervisor over a group of Geophysical Analysts, all other times I am either taking care of my little one (so my wonderful wife can have some sort of break from taking care of her all day long) or involved in some activity with my kids; daughter swims on the High School Varsity team and son is usually running around or drawing/writing his own graphic novels.

I have been able to keep this hobby of mine and my son's mostly self-sustaining by selling items that we bought multiples of at one time or found while bargain hunting here and there.
My frame of reference often bounces from Lego to the Simpson's to the Grateful Dead to Phish to Spaghetti Westerns (like Star Wars).
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