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Hi There thanks for dropping in - my names Virginia (V. for short) Like many of us enthusiasts I have loved Lego from early childhood. Once my son was born and old enough to play with Lego I had the perfect excuse to get back into it again. Buying up big for my son of cause! Many hours (and much money) were spent scouring the eBay site looking for Lego. That was before BRICK LINK.............. Now BL is better than sliced bread. My son and I just enjoy playing with Lego and building any creation that comes to mind at the time. I also enjoy the benefits of a BL user - such as chat. I have met some lovely people there and enjoying talking about their countries and lives. A little about my self, married with one son, work full time as well as run a small Lego business at local markets. Would love to set up a BL shop however do not have the time or the space to do so. So for the time being the markets provides enough interaction with other Lego enthusiasts face to face and also gives me some spending money. Guess where I spend it?????
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