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The Story Behind the Name
Some have commented on how much they like the name of our store & have asked us where in the world did we come up with it. So here's the story:

As with many children, when our son was an infant/toddler, everything would go in his mouth. At times, that included a lot of gross and unsafe items. So we had to be on our toes and keep a constant eye on him to remove as much as we could from his reach.

Our daughter was 4 at the time so we had to keep him away from her LEGO pieces. Since we would joke around all the time that our son ate whatever it was we were looking for but could not find (keys, purse, wallet, TV remote, etc), our witty daughter picked up on that. So . . . every time she was missing a LEGO piece she would say, "Uh oh! My brother ate it." So, we attribute our beautiful daughter with providing us with the idea for the name of our store!

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