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Greetings LEGO Enthusiast!

I am an adult (circa 1980, which might be obvious) LEGO builder and collector, otherwise known as an AFOL. At current, I am predominantly acquiring LEGO parts and sets. That is I am not parting with any of my personal inventory via a BrickLink store.

However for those of you sellers, I have been "in the hobby" as an AFOL since about 2004 and have been effectively a lifelong LEGO enthusiast. I am here to make serious transactions and not waste your time. If you're having an issue with one of my orders please do not hesitate to contact me, otherwise I look forward to doing business with you!.

As for what I do with my LEGO collection, that's simple, build of course!

I mostly build my own creations (MOCs) in predominantly the Castle theme but in a high-fantasy vein inspired by various sources...but most especially "Lord of the Rings" and vintage "Final Fantasy" video games. I don't, well not in the past, keep to myself in a dusty basement...

As you might have gathered from the above image, I have done public displays with the local LEGO Users Group. Indeed I have been, in the past, a quite active member of the LUG, specifically IndyLUG, even having been elected Club President back in '06. However I'm far less active (currently inactive actually), but I have displayed at BrickWorld events (Chicago and Indy) in the past. Indy as recently as 2015...and do try to attend at least BrickWorld Indy if I'm not able to display.

Here's my part of the layout the last time I displayed (BWI 2015)

Here's a little more, for the infinitely curious

More Pictures!

Some fairly OLD MOCs (though many still exist!) at my equally OLD Brickshelf Gallery: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?m=matthew1980

Live Reasonably Close to Indianapolis, Indiana USA?

Check out IndyLUG's Website for shows and meetings: http://www.IndyLUG.org

For a good time, go to BRICKWORLD

Find out when the next BrickWorld AFOL Event is: http://www.brickworld.com

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