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Loves lego (duh!)though not one to sit around playing with it alot (I'm a grown up, well you should at least think so, but my head... woha! The crazy stuff there... I'll probably never get older. In my head, that is!). The facination for those colorful bricks... It sort of comes running back to me when december sets in, all christmasy and stuff. I buy about one new set each year, though I'm hoping to evetually buy more often (I'm a collector and want all the sets in all the series). I have alot of lego, have loved lego since as long as I can remember. Started out with duplo, then some wanna-be lego, where the bricks didn't stick together, they where all crap. Then the real stuff... mowahahahaahhhaaaa! Oh, one more thing; YAY!!!!!
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