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Hello, like many of you I started being a LEGO enthusiast when I was a child. Around 12 Years old, the LEGO stopped and my collection was passed down to my younger cousins never to be seen again. A year ago, after I finally settled down and got married, my husband and I moved into our new house. And boy did we have a lot of stuff. So we decided to sell our extra stuff on "the other auction site", and use the money we made on home improvements . During this process, my husband ran into an old LEGO set of his, and sure enough he decided to see if they sell on "the other auction site". "Holy Cow!" was the words I remember him saying. He was over whelmed with what he saw. "I used to have this set ,and that set, and oh man, I wanted that set!". What started out as, Oh I am just going to get this one set, soon became 2 sets, then 3, and so forth. Then there was the magical day when I discovered Brick Link while surfing the net at work. Now our addiction is full blown. We primarily collect castle sets. We are getting near our goal of owning every Castle Theme set ever created (it's the small sets that are hard to get, the big ones are easy). Our sets now decorate the house, and our visitors often say that when we have kids they're going to be lucky. They won't feel so lucky when part of their chores is to sort LEGO! :)

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