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Hi There!

My name is James, an AFOL who is in his early 40's.

My obsession with Lego started in the late 1970's when I received my first set - 316 Fire Fighting Launch. I still have this today and it's one of my prized Lego possessions. It's in pretty good condition for a 38 year old set! As a child I would spend hours and hours building sets, pulling them apart to make my own creations, creating entire cities and moonscapes in the lounge room - you couldn't keep me away from Lego. The highlight of my year was always going to see the latest Lego display from Denmark at Myer in Melbourne (I still have a lot of the program books for them as well!).

I stopped collecting Lego for a few years in my 20's, but was reminded of how awesome it is when I received the 10178-1: Motorised Walking AT-AT set for my 30th birthday. Since then my collection has grown to a little over 120 sets, and thousands of spare parts.

My wife and I have had 2 kids who have grown up with a lot more respect for Lego than I had as a child, and are happy to be involved in picking and packing orders for our Bricklink store - Jiminics Bricks. My wife (a NLSO) become heavily involved with my passion a couple of years ago when she started sorting, storing and categorizing my various Lego pieces. She has now become an integral part of our Bricklink store team!

Ideally, I would love to own the complete Star Wars Lego catalogue, but for now I will have to settle for the 53 sets that I have from that range. I do hope to get there one day though!

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