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My wife, Terri, is to blame for my current Lego addiction. She found what remained of my large childhood Lego collection in our basement. Searching the internet for replacement parts for my old 6080 King's Castle set eventually led me to BrickLink.

After spending lots of time helping me to sort the parts I was buying to finish building the sets I had as a child, we eventually decided she was good at it. After some discussion, it was decided that she would open her own BrickLink store to help off-set our Lego buying habit. Our two girls help Mom with sorting out bulk Lego purchases, and occasionally raid the stash to add to their creations.

Terri is responsible for picking, packaging, and mailing out all the orders. Jason does the invoicing, feedback, and finding new sources of Lego to sell.

Our favorite themes are Star Wars, City, Harry Potter, and Trains.
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