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Georgia Tech EE graduate. Lego fan of course, and continuing my collection of old and new sets. Currently planning and starting an inventory for building a magnificent castle. By the end, it should be about 6 or 7 feet tall. In addition, it will have extensive modularity. It should be capable of being disassembled into each section-throne room, library, .... to be capable of viewing all the 'guts'. Plans always start spectacular and end up luke-warm, but I'm going to give it my best shot! (This idea actually turned into a 7 foot replica of my forty-something floor office building that was incorporated into a putt-putt golf course. You hit the ball past a 'counter' light sensor, up a ramp, into the side of the building through the 'sky-walk', up a motorized elevator, out the roof, down a ramp, onto a turntable (which would spin frantically if the light sensor counted more than one shot), onto a back-and-forth set of ramps, straight into the hole (ramp would be missed if 'hole-in-one' was missed at the beginning). We raised several hundred dollars for charity that day so it was worth the effort!
Here's some other photos: Atlanta Tower
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