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Falling Bricks Shop FAQs last modified
1. How do I order LEGO from Falling Bricks?

You need to be a registered BrickLink Buyer to place an order with Falling Bricks. Refer to BrickLink Help for more information on registration and ordering. If you have any questions please Contact Me before placing an order.

2. What additional information should I include with my order?

If you are a U.S. buyer and plan on paying via PayPal, please let me know if the transaction will be funded by bank/balance transfer (the default) or by credit card. Include this information in the 'Comments' section of the order page. If you want to pay for your order with a method not listed on the order page (see FAQ #4), include this information as well.

If you are an International buyer, please let me know your shipping preference: AirMail (the default) or Economy Surface Mail.

3. How much is shipping going to cost me?

Shipping is based on shipping method, package weight, package size, as well as your location. Falling Bricks prefers to ship via United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail.  Minimum shipping cost is $1.00 via USPS 1st Class Mail.

Cost of insurance is based on the dollar value of the shipment. Some shipping methods such as USPS Airmail Letter Post are not insurable. Domestic insurance may be provided by a 3rd party insurer through Stamps.com and will not be reflected on the package. Insurance is the responsibility of the buyer.

Visit the USPS website for shipping cost estimates to your location (use 17402 for the ship from ZIP code).

4. What methods of payment does Falling Bricks accept?

Falling Bricks accepts several methods of payment including:

5. Are there any additional transaction charges?

Pennsylvania residents pay 6% sales tax.

The shipping charge for all orders include a charge of $0.30 + 3% of the transaction total. This charge is credited back to you for cash and cash-like payments (Money Orders, PayPal balance funds, etc.)  Loss of credit will be reflected on your BrickLink Orders Placed page.

Please note that some methods of payment such as Western Union require you to pay additional transaction charges directly to the service provider.

International Buyers:  Customs form will state order value as merchandise, no exceptions. Your local customs office may charge you a duty or tax based on the merchandise value.

Contents are listed as 'Plastic Construction Toys' Adobe PDF HS Code 9503.30 EC Combined Nomenclature (CN) 9503 30 30.
6. OK, I placed an order… what do I do next?

Your next step is to wait for me to respond to your order, usually within 24 hours. Once you place an order, BrickLink automatically sends you the buyer and me the seller a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail details the items ordered, your method of payment, and the buyer and seller mailing addresses. Once I process your order, mark the order READY and initiate an invoice, BrickLink sends you the invoice via e-mail. The invoice contains complete payment instructions.

7. How do I pay for my order?
  • PayPal and PayDirect: E-mail payment to the account address provided. A 'click-able' link is included in the invoice for PayPal payments.
  • Money Order, Cashiers Check, or Cash: Mail payment to the seller address listed on the invoice e-mail from BrickLink. Please notify me when you send payment; I'll be on the look out.
  • Western Union Money Transfer: Visit your local Western Union office and initiate the Money Transfer. Reply to the Invoice e-mail with the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) provided by Western Union.
  • All Others: To be advised.

These instructions will be included in the invoice e-mail you receive from Falling Bricks.

Payment is appreciated within 1 week of receiving the invoice e-mail. I generally send out gentle reminders after this period. Negative Feedback NPBs will be initiated after a few weeks if I receive no response.  After receipt of payment, I will mark the transaction PAID and provide positive feedback Positive Feedback .

8. When will my package arrive?

Upon shipment, I will mark the transaction SHIPPED and send you a shipment notification e-mail. Domestic packages are generally shipped the next day. International shipments may take a few days because they require a trip to the Post Office.

Shipping times are approximate and generally there are no guarantees (unless expressly provided by the shipping service). Most packages should arrive within a week. International shipments via Surface Mail can take up to 6 months. Please note that most International delays are caused by local customs officials.

9. What should I do when my package arrives?

When you receive your package and if all is well please take a moment and:

  1. Navigate to your Orders Placed page and mark the transaction COMPLETED. This can be done by clicking the checkbox next to the order status SHIPPED.
  2. Please comment about your experience with Falling Bricks by leaving constructive feedback.

In the event that something is not right with your order please Contact Me ASAP so we can work everything out.

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