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Though I am more commonly known as ImperialShadows in the world of LEGO forums.

You will find me primarily at Eurobricks where I serve as a Global Moderator, host a popular interview show, make custom decals, administrate and blog for a Classic Town based site called Classic-Town.net, administrate and maintain the Classic-Pirates.com blog, newsletters, and bulletins, and host a wonderful guild of Fabuland artists, as shown below.

I also read to monkeys and teach kittens to knit whenever I have a spare moment away from my wildly successful imagination. Maybe.

Please stop in and join us sometime, we'd love to meet you!

LEGO and Me

I entered my dark ages at the dawn of the original Pirates line, with my last sets being the first year's releases of said line. Prior to that, I had collected Space and Castle mostly.

Dark ages or not, I was never willing to let go of my collection, so I am fortunate to still have the vast majority of it.

Star Wars brought me back to LEGO, and I will never leave it again. I am now attempting to fill in a lot of 90's era LEGO gaps including Pirates, Adventurers, Wild West, Ninjas, and parts of other themes.


Needless to say, while trying to find all of that, I ended up here where I am strictly a buyer, primarily looking for new items, but I will, when necessary, purchase less common items in excellent used condition. I love anything rare or unusual, and buy what I can in that regard, especially promotional bricks and parts in rare colours they don't usually appear in. But I'll warn you, I'm cheap. You can't want as much as I do and then pay outrageous prices. Still, I'm sure we can work something out.

So far, my experiences here have been quite good, and I am sure that will continue to be the case.

If you've gotten this far, and are a seller, you should send me a coupon, shouldn't you? *grin*

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