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I have been many things throughout my life from Beach Bum to Administrator. I enjoy so many things that my focus seems to change over time. In addition to being interested in Castle I dabble in Pirates, space, town and even trains. I work at the University of Victoria, Graduate Admissions and Records. I play music professionally (Big Band Jazz and Rock Saxophone), and wish I could live off it. I spend a lot of weekends visiting my ex-wife and son. I love drawing and painting(very amateur), old cars (currently have a 1966 Chev PU), building things with wood and gardening. I facilitate Team building and creativity sessions for non-profit groups. I got started with Lego as a result of trying to find parts for my ex-wife's Lego train set (7720) and 2 boxes of vintage space sets. I bought a 3 foot high castle someone was selling and that was it no looking back. I have opened a Bricklink Store, because I love to buy Lego and am running out of space. I use Lego to relax, and explore my artistic creativity, but lately having been going through a stage where no ideas are good enough to build. May the light shine upon you. Play Well and thanks for looking!
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