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Hi everyone. My name is Aaron Winship, I'm 26 years old and live in Toronto, Canada. I'm a finance guy by day, but a LEGO enthusiast at night. I collect a series of themes, particularly castle (especially late 80's - early 000's) and Star Wars (Ep 4 - 6). I was an avid LEGO collector as a kid - it was the only thing I ever asked for Christmas. As I hit my teenage years, the enthusiasm turned into embarrassment and the LEGO was put into storage and tucked away. This began the dark ages. After university, I moved out of my parents place to make it in the big city. After packing, I noticed the LEGO sitting there and my childhood memories came flooding back. I spent hours that day building and destroying, and the passion was back!!!! Now I continue to increase my collection. I try to fund it through Bricklink sales and keep the rest, although I'm quickly running out of space!! Happy hunting!
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