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Welcome to my "About Me" page, where you can learn all about me (well, obviously).

First of all, my name is Josh(ua) Meier, but I prefer Josh. I hail all the way from Portage la Prairie, in the boring province of Manitoba. Portage is about 1 hour west of Winnipeg.

I am currently 23 years old, and have amassed a Lego collection spanning all those 22 years. I'm betting I have one of the largest collections in Manitoba, if not THE largest collection (I now know this to not be true :( ).

But that's where this site comes in! Now I can sell part of my collection, to help fund my collection, *cough,* I mean my college fund.

A majority of my collection is Star Wars, as I am also a huge Star Wars fan. I've collected nearly everything and anything else I've come across also.

One last thing. I am also a huge fan of Xbox 360, and have been playing it since it first came out. I also own a Sega Genesis, with wireless controllers (infrared, mind you).

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