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Greetings from Ohio! I was randomly browsing the Internet one day and found this interesting site that sells Legos. I was skeptical at first, but after checking out the amazing selection of available parts, I knew this was the place for me. I initially joined Bricklink to get my hands on several rare Technic pieces. Since then I have become a seller myself and have been enjoying the Lego hobby even more.

MY BUYING TENDENCIES: After being on Bricklink for more than seven years my buying has diminished. I might jump on a significant technic sale, but let's face it I still have way too many plastic pieces for a middle aged guy. My ultimate wish list includes set 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS, set 41999 4 x 4 Crawler Exclusive Edition, set 8300-1 Lego Technic Team, set col11-3 Pretzel Girl (in new condition.) Past that I really need to start listing some of my sets.

MY SELLING TENDENCIES: Right now my store is a complete mix of new and used, usually loose pieces from the past 15 years. I will continue to list random pieces until eventually my bins are depleted. I am more likely to include extra bonus items in larger orders or multiple orders from the same buyer. I have many return buyers and hope you will be one of them.

ABOUT MY STORE: 1337 Bricks is a hobbyist’s store. I am not out to price-gouge or pass on ridiculous fees to my buyers: I try to follow the lower end of the price guide within reasonable limits, but don't always have the time to double check existing lots. 1337 stands for ‘leet’ or ‘Elite’ and so my focus is on quality and trying to be the best seller I can. I also won’t ever become a ‘large’ store selling millions of items. The money I get from orders has so far sustained my buying tendencies, except for the impulse in the back of my head to go buy a random technic set from the early 2000's.

THE MOC SHOP: I opened my store on the MOC Shop on August 29, 2014 just to see what all this new business is about. Well, I have to say I am not impressed. I'm not sure anyone uses this anymore but at least it was an alternative attempt at bringing in sales.

MY NON-COMMERCIAL BRICKLINK ACTIVITIES: Since becoming a seller on Bricklink, I have enjoyed getting more involved with our community. I have submitted items, photos, weights, and inventories for new items. I also try to read the Forum most days and sometimes make posts. Since the elimination of auctions, the chat room, and other miscellaneous things, it looks like I have more time to p0wn n00bs on X-Box Live.

MY CREATIVE BUILDING HABITS: I enjoy building, re-building, and modifying existing Lego Technic models. I use 'liftarms' instead of Technic bricks because of the challenge and weight reduction. I always try to stick a differential in my car MOC's. I have several MOC’s that are half-built and will probably never be finished. Did I mention I want to build a castle? I have a couple cheerleaders that will be a perfect fit next to the skeletons.

MY THOUGHTS ON BRICKLINK 2.0: Finally: the wait is over on June 8, 2016. And you know what? I totally had no idea what just hit me. Yes I saw the previews in earlier weeks, but this facelift makes me want to punch a small furry kitten (just kidding!). I will eventually figure out how to navigate the site again, but wow - talk about running into a brick wall while holding a lit stick of dynamite and singing "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor.

MY NON-BRICKLINK ACTIVITIES: Aside from Legos I enjoy video games, volleyball, beer, working on cars, hiking through the Cuyahoga Valley National Parks, philosophy, billiards, and talking with the ladies. One of my favorite things to do during summer Friday nights is go to my favorite bar, play volleyball, get a little drunk, and use alcohol as an excuse to hit on as many women as possible before they leave. (this is also when I karaoke) I am also looking forward to the v-ball tournies at Put-In-Bay, Halo 6, upcoming Technic sets, and the day when I win the lottery and am able to afford a mansion with some hot babes by the pool.

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