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Hello, I'm 51yrs old and medically retired and disabled. Before my disalbement I was a retained (Part-time) Firefighter. I am interested in the Fire service and an avid collector of fire memoribilia and Lego fire models. I also enjoy Photography both Digital Still and Digital Video. My main lego project, a large model 6 bay, 2 storey fire station is now complete. It has taken me about 3 years to complete and covers 4 large gray base boards which is transported as Fire Station and Drill Yard. There are 8 fire trucks, 7 of which are my creations. A Dennis Wheeled escape preserved appliance is now also on station. Some of the buildings are based on real ones I have seen while visiting UK fire stations. The River pontoon fire station is also completed and has one small water rescue boat and a sea-going firefighting boat. The firefighting helicopter station is well under way consisting of a large hanger capable of storing the rescue helicopter and the firefighting helicopter. The Control tower in complete, I only need to work on the large hanger doors now. I Would like to say THANK YOU to BRICK LINK and it's many Shops world wide, without your service my tasks would be impossible.
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