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Yeah, what do you want to know?

That I'm a closet Lego freak that loves Pirates?

That my wife hates Lego and keeps me and my toys hidden away in the basement?

Maybe you need to know that my official title at home is "Daddy Rosser Po Po (as my son calls me).

Or maybe you're curious to know that over the last little while I have been building Lego WW2 tanks and figs with custom weapons from Brickarms?

Perhaps you need to know that I've also just recently started to build a Roman Legion with weapons from Brickforge?

Is this enough information to fill your curiosity cup.....well is it?

Gee, why anyone would want to know anything more about a drunken old pirate is beyond me!

"Barkeep, bring me another bucket of chum and be quick about it"!

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