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Hi there! Welcome to my About Me page, and if you don't get bored enough to leave before it's finished, thank you for staying.

I currently live in Ohio, although I would love to live in California one day - love it out there! For now, East coast it is, though. New York would be a close second though.

I am much different than I was when I first started my BL store. As you can tell from the feedback, I was an extremely slow shipper then, and didn't really take my business seriously. I have been through a good amount of "life" since then, and my goal now is absolutely great service to my customers! I love LEGOs (yes, Bionicle too. That and medieval are actually my favorites), and I love the upkeep of the store!

So that's about all I'll be writing here. Anything else, just ask!

- Mickey

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