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Hi there!

Welcome to my humble store. Most of what you will find here are more unique bricks from some space and castle sets from the 80's and 90's. They are all used, obviously. They range in condition from almost brand-new looking to a few nicks and dents to slightly yellowed. Of course, condition is in the eye of the beholder, so if you are interested in a part or instruction book and would like to know exactly what condition it is in, I will gladly take a digital picture of it and e-mail it to you so you can decide for yourself if it meets your needs.

Bricks listed as new are just that, extra bricks from new sets or the odd set that I've parted out.

About me... well I'm 41, married with two sons, 14 and 11, and a 7 year old girl and I'm on active duty in the U.S. Navy. As such, my brothers and sisters in our Armed Forces will receive FREE SHIPPING to any military address (APO/FPO or any on-base address).

I hope you can find a use for some of these parts. They are more or less all that remains from a once-proud collection that is being rebuilt. These more specialized pieces can find homes in your MOC's and perhaps complete sets you might have that need that piece. If you have any questions about anything at all, please do not hesitate to e-mail me for a quick response! NO ORDER IS TOO SMALL!

Thanks for stopping by and happy hunting!


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