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MikeS, Owner - BRICKMART on BrickLink Mostly a seller, but do make little things My current interest is 9v Trains - my first Steam Engine MOC!

My name is Mike. I live in Ohio near Lake Erie. I’m married (wife & me - 1991), have six kids (... yes, I did say 6 - two boys & four girls) and work in the Architectural Department of a large engineering firm in Cleveland.

Flickr Link to some of our LEGO collection:

I have been a BL member since 2001, but didn't open up our store BRICKMART (was LEGOMART) until August 2004. I thought it would be a good way to make a little extra money to buy LEGO sets or pull parts out the store inventory for our projects. I don't picture BRICKMART getting much bigger than it is now. I would like to focus on quality and customer service rather than quantity - concentrating on the classic ('80-90's) hard-to-find sets, minifigs and parts. Besides, I don't have the space to store, or money to invest in 5,000 2x4 bricks in every color. I'll leave that to the other guy. But if you need to replace that one missing part from your favorite 1990's set, BRICKMART is a good place to start.

Stop on in to BRICKMART! We'll be waiting for you.

MikeS, Owner

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