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I have been a lego fan for over 30 years. I have filled up 3 rooms full of creations and lego so Bricklink has become a staple in finding just the right piece. The store has just become a natural extension of my hobby to hopefully suppliment it.

As for my lego dark ages, I never really experienced one. Only after I bought the classic pirate ship in the late 80's at University, did I have to stop collecting for awhile (hey, you can't eat lego at university now can you). However, every time I moved, I carried my lego boxes with me. Only once I moved into my house was I able to go ballistic in my hobby again.

I have three young kids who think a couple million pieces of lego hanging around is just a common thing. In fact, other kids affectionally call our house, the lego house. Working out of home, this store is kind of a side hobby. Hopefully you will find the bulk items you need as I slowly build up the inventory. Happy building.

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