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Who are we?
We're Julie & Stuart, two old folks (barely into the 5th decade) who are addicted to the Brick! After being friends for about 20 years, in 2006 after some serious prompting from the Lord, we became man and wife. I think that everyone should be friends for at least 20 years before getting married! :-)

How did we get into LEGO?
As best we can recall, when we were kids they were pretty much just bricks and tubs of bricks. Unfortunately, Julie couldn’t have any because LEGO was for boys!

Shortly after we were married we were shopping in a K-Mart and saw some LEGO on clearance. Since we each have a nephew that loves LEGO we thought it would be a great gift idea for one of them so we bought it. The set was Creator Helicopter (Set #4895). After a little more thought we decided it wasn't right for either nephew because one builds primarily Star Wars and the other just dumps his sets into a tub and builds only MOCs. It was about that time that we looked at each other and both said "Let's build it ourselves!" So we spent the afternoon building it twice; first as the Helicopter and then as car.

From that day we've been hooked. At first it was just buying kits and building them but that wasn't enough. We wanted to customize the kits so we needed to be able to get specific parts. I found the Pick-A-Brick on LEGO.com (and spent way too much money) but they didn't have all of the parts that I wanted. We found the Lego store and that was exciting but they still couldn't provide what we were looking for. One day I said to myself "There's got to be some place on-line to get LEGO parts." so I Googled "Lego parts" and behold there was BrickLink!

What do we build?
We like City stuff. We buy the LEGO kit and build it based on the directions. We take a picture, for proof, and then we build it bigger and better (ok it's just our opinion)! Our thing is building it so that the minifigures can really live in it. After all, what's a fire station without a kitchen, bathroom (with showers and toilets) and recreation area with a big screen TV? By the way, minifigures do not have round butts so they should not sit on life preservers when nature calls (oops, another opinion).

What's with our Splash page?
Some might be put off by all of the "religion" stuff we put on our splash page, but that's not our intention. We're just trying to explain how we perceive things. He is important in everything that we do so the splash page just naturally has to come from that perspective. The LEGO and the store are not ours, they are His, and we are thankful that He's provided them so that we can be a part of this LEGO/Bricklink thing. Like it says on the splash, we're just trying to do things with integrity and make friends in the process. Also like it says on the splash, we want this to be about more than just selling/buying LEGO, we want our store to be a link to being part of the BrickLink community.
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