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Hi. I'm Joz. Formerly known as 'mutdang'.

If you catch me in the chatrooms I'm probably at work, trying to get motivated.

I have a dog. A big white one. He lives in my laundry at night and roams around the house and yard by day. In my Lego World he's affectionaltely known as the BioWeapon...

I am really impressed by everyone's friendliness and efficiency on BrickLink. This is a really neat community, and I am proud to be a happy member.

Yeah and I've changed my collage pic from the 'dodgy portait of me in a stack hat' to one taken of me sitting somewhere thinking about Lego (and other stuff). Ummm - I actually think I was handcuffed to a stool when that image was captured. Thank you for approving it again!

Please feel free to check out my
MoCpages site and my BrickShelf folder.

Updated 09 March 2007 20 April 2007.

I'd be glad if you want to check out my Flickr site too. No Lego there but Check out all my posted Lego there and you'd get an idea of the non Lego stuff I get up to aswell.
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