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My name is Dan Wiechman and I discovered Bricklink back in 2010 when I needed some individual parts for custom builds. I had been selling all of my LEGO on Ebay up until May of 2015 when their fees/terms became just too restrictive and not cost effective.

I launched my store "Utinni!" Trading Company, getting it's name from the Jawas... those scavenger/collector creatures from STAR WARS. I also sell Vintage to modern STAR WARS collectibles such as action figures, playsets, ships, and various other items, but primarily sell those on Facebook Collector groups. Please visit Utinni Trading Company on Facebook and like/follow my page!

My Lego Store is only a part time hobby for supplemental income, but perhaps as it slowly grows I can consider expanding into something bigger.

Thank you for visiting!

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