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I have been a Lego collector since 1988 when my parents bought me my first Lego Castle set. Although I had some Legos prior to that, I was mostly impressed with the detail and craftsmanship of that magnificent Lego Castle set. Ever since, I have built a massive collection with large standing armies, extravagant cities with fortresses and a formidable navy; however, it is time to share that collection and enjoyment with others. Much like you, I am fascinated by Legos as they provide for boundless imaginative designs and hours of enjoyment. This is why my passion for Legos along with my collection will add delight to collectors in our community. My vision is to provide a safe, enjoyable shopping experience from the comfort of your home where you and many others can come to find and discover unique and quality products. ~ Enjoy- Proud member of the Bricklink community since 2001. I prefer that payments are made via PAYPAL to Empireofbricks@gmail.com as this is the fastest way to process your order. If you desire to send a money order check I will process your order upon payment. More importantly, before I ship your order I will contact you via email to ensure the order is accurate and to give you an estimate as to when to expect your order. My goal is to ensure you are satisfied- so please, don't hesitate to email me with any question. I am looking forward to doing business with you :)
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