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For those curious here is my lego life story :)

My name is Emilian, I am 30 year old architect living in the beautiful hystoric city called Cluj-Napoca in the heart of Transilvania, you know, Dracula's homeland :) Fell in love with Lego about when I was 7 after father got me the very cute little set 6009 - Black Knight. From that moment on I got hooked on Lego like most of us here and it has been part of my everyday life bringing me a lot of joy.... and flyes in the wallet... and debt.... and... my parrents foud a way to blackmail me into getting better grades at school, but that's not important :)

During 2008-2011 I was part of Brickenburg a local association of Lego enthusiasts, together organizing exhibitions based on our personal collections and MOC's and managing the program called "Education with Lego bricks". I like to think that Brickenburg is one of the key factors that helped refresh this wonderfull toy's popularity in the past 6 years in Romania.

I am a collector at heart but I also (rarely) build MOCs as my job occupies most of my day. I mostly collect sets from the 80'-90' Town and Train theme and place them in layouts. 12V trains are by far the ones I appreciate the most. I have 2 walls at home each with six 1.8mx0.3m long shelves packed with various town and train dioramas ranging from the harbour and industrial area to inner city and housing or beach areas. Something like those you see in the '80-'90 Lego catalogues... Only more awsome :P Here on Bricklink I manage a little shop, I sell mostly parts I don't need for my collection and sometimes sets I can get a hold on to make an extra buck. Over the years I sold some nice rare parts and sets so be sure to look out in my shop for great deals. I try to put decent prices for the stuff I sell, but if you feel that something is not worth the amount I ask for, don't be shy and drop me a line for a bargain. I usualy don't bite and like to think I am an understandable person :)

Well, that's it about me. For those interested in autographs visit Cluj-Napoca. Just kidding! Drop me a line if you're in town and lets meet for a beer :) Happy building people!

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