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Hi Lego enthusiasts ! Since this is "About me" page I'll just tell you a few words about myself (all the info about my shop /terms and conditions could be obtained from shop's home page) ! As the flag shows I am coming from Croatia/Europe ! After getting out of "dark age" (sometime around 1999.), I just couldn't stop getting new Lego :-). I am mostly into Castles & Space and have over 260 sets collection with more than 1000 minifigs and those numbers are rising almost daily. Although my shop was largest in southeastern Europe for long period of time + I am one of the "oldest" BLink members, due to some personal obligations etc. I stopped uploading new stuff to my shop a few years ago ... but I guess I'll come back one day :-). I am also Lugnet member # 595 - name Dej'an! So much for now. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy ! Dejan
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