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I am an Avid Lego Collector, trader, MOC developer and investor. Legos are my HOBBY, this is NOT my main source of income. My store is for the sole purpose of keeping my stock fresh, as there are bricks I will never use... and there is someone that does need that brick. I have been collecting Legos for over 20 years, dating back to when my children were young. I find it to be most rewarding to share my legos with others, to build with others and see the creative side of people. I am currently working on bringing free workshops to children in the local Hospitals. My prices: I set to be based on fair market value of the particular item. If it is incomplete, new, or damaged... I will be priced accordingly and explained. All my bricks, inventory is all LEGO. Occasionally there maybe a Lepin, Megablock ect, accidentally slip thru. ALL my Legos are inspected prior to be added to my store inventory and sold. Blocks with un-removable stains, bite marks, off brands and cracked bricks are immediately thrown away. I will not sell an item, that I would be upset at receiving myself. If there is a problem with your order, I WILL make it right. I will communicate with you, work out orders and help if I can in any way.
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