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The Brick Fanatik Depot is a Brick Link store is based in Mzansi but operates out of the Westrand of Johannesburg. The store aims to supply South African young people, their guardians or parents, LEGO collectors and enthusiasts with a seamless online shopping experience. We're a husband and wife team who fully endorse the LEGO brand vision and mission statements and will stay true to these as we grow this exciting and fun business. The LEGO Group Mission: ‘Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow’ Our ultimate purpose is to inspire and develop children to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future - experiencing the endless human possibility. Vision: ‘Inventing the future of play’ We want to pioneer new ways of playing, play materials and the business models of play - leveraging globalisation and digitalisation...it is not just about products, it is about realising the human possibility. About the owner Adrian " I remember playing with LEGO as a young child and how many good positive memories were made creating towns and space models and scenes. I had a sense of pride in my ever growing collection and really wish I still had those old bricks and minfigures . When I finished matric l I went on to complete my Masters Degree in Homoeopathy at the Technikon Witwatersrand in 2005 and proceeded to have a fascinating and challenging career in the medical field. The majority of my corporate career was spent as a Pharmaceutical Training Manager providing training and product education to adult learners. The decision to leave the corporate environment and venture out on my own has, by Gods grace, brought me to this venture among others. I believe that it's our responsibility as adults to nurture the young people of this country to reach their unique, innate potential to be the very best version of themselves. This amazing product has such great applications for child development, whether it be skills development (fine motor skills and visual spatial awareness) or simply to just have fun! I hope you will join us on our journey as Brick Fanatik becomes a part of your child's growing years." Thanks and Warm Regards The Brick Fanatik team
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